Upcoming Events

Special Tours of the Glen

Sunday, April 24, 1:30 pm
Sunday, November 13, 1:30 pm

Both spring and fall are a good time to get a clear view of the Glen, the forested ravine at National Park Seminary. SOS is therefore presenting a special guided tour of the Glen this fall on Sunday, November 13, at 1:30pm. .

This tour will focus on the history and features of the Glen. You will receive copies of photos from the past to contrast with what you see today as you walk a loop through the Glen.

The Glen tour group will be limited in size and is by reservation only. The donation fee for this special tour is $25, which includes 30 pages of historic Glen photos and light refreshments for participants.

The Glen has uneven terrain, steps, and possible mud or water, so be prepared!

We hope you will be interested in learning about the history and unique features of this significant green space at NPS —and supporting our efforts to bring the Glen back to its original condition as best we can.

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