Board & Committees

Board of Directors

Don Hall – retired Army colonel; doctorate in engineering and master’s degree in American history; resident of National Park Seminary

Vice President
Eugene Rich – health policy researcher; internal medicine physician; resident of National Park Seminary

Patti Horrall – staff attorney with the Federal government; former board member of NPS master homeowners association; resident of National Park Seminary

Erin Mielke – senior reproductive health advisor at USAID; resident of National Park Seminary

Anne Brockett – former president of SOS; architectural historian with DC Historic Preservation Office; master’s degree in historic preservation

Pat Crawford – university administrative staff member; resident of National Park Seminary

Ann Hall – registered dietitian with USDA; colonel in US Army Reserves; resident of National Park Seminary

Linda Lyons –  former preservation chair of Art Deco Society of Washington; former president of local chapter of Society of Architectural Historians

Christopher Maines – senior conservation scientist at National Gallery of Art; doctorate in physical chemistry; resident of National Park Seminary

Frank Riley – former paralegal working with nonprofit organizations; JD and bachelor’s degree in philosophy

Executive Director
Bonnie Rosenthal – former board member of SOS; former property manager for developer of National Park Seminary; former administrative staff member at National Trust for Historic Preservation and DC Preservation League


Christopher Maines, Chair
Collects, preserves and manages historical materials and artifacts related to the National Park Seminary site and makes them available to the public through displays, publications, lectures, and tours.

Christopher Maines, Chair
Develops and coordinates all forms of communications to further the SOS mission and promote activities, and engages and connects with members and the public through various forms of media.

Anne Brockett, Chair
Communicates the history of National Park Seminary through public guided tours, private group tours and presentations, lecture programs, publications and related special events.

Events (ad hoc)
Bonnie Rosenthal, Chair
Organizes major fundraising event as needed.

Glen Restoration
Eugene Rich, Chair
Preserves, protects, and restores the National Park Seminary Glen as a cultural landscape; and promote public awareness of, support for, and access to the Glen.

Anne Brockett, Chair
Conserves, restores and helps maintain the sculpture at National Park Seminary, and educates the community and the public about its artistic and cultural heritage.

All SOS members can be considered for membership on a committee.  If you are interested in being considered, please contact us and let us know what committee interests you.