Self-Guided Tour

If you are not able to take one of our guided tours, you can still get a sense of the history of the National Park Seminary by taking a short self-guided tour. There are nine large markers that make a circle around the center of the property so that you can see and learn about most of the buildings. Each marker has a map, historic photo, and description of what you are seeing from that marker.

Follow the directions to 2755 Cassedy Street to start at one of the first markers, which is near the Gymnasium at Linden Lane. You do not need to view the markers in order, however. The photo below shows a marker so you know what to look for. The grounds of this residential property are open every day during reasonable daylight hours to take the self-guided tour. Please respect the privacy and safety of the residents and do not go on or in any of the buildings, especially those still in the renovation stage.

Marker at corner of Linden Lane and Ament Street across from the gymnasium